5 Reasons to Get a Natural Stone Patio

Selecting exactly what material to make your patio from can be a difficult task. Most people want something that looks terrific and complements their house and garden. Nevertheless, they also require something that is practical and will last for a long time.

The fantastic news is that natural stone paving ticks all these boxes. Keep reading to find out a bit more about why you should make your outdoor patio area out of natural stone.



A fantastic benefit to natural stone is that it’s versatile. It can be discovered in a lot of different ranges that you are almost certain to find a type that suits you.

For instance, there are various types of natural stone to choose from, consisting of sandstone, limestone and natural stone. You can likewise get natural stone paving pieces in various sizes and shapes. So whatever the size of your patio area, you will find a kind of natural stone paving that matches it.


A substantial advantage to natural stone is that it’s normally considered extremely appealing. You can use warm, pale sandstone tones with rough textures if you want an outside patio area that mixes in with the natural surroundings. Or if you desire a dynamic, tidy, minimalist look, attempt choosing sawn, polished granite. Whatever your taste, it’s extremely most likely that you can make a natural stone outdoor patio that you like the appearance of.

Long lasting

If you want an outdoor patio area that lasts a very long time, utilising natural stone is a great way to go. A natural stone patio area that has been set up and maintained properly should last a significant amount of time – a minimum of twenty years.

Low maintenance

Another advantage to natural stone patios is that they’re relatively low-maintenance. They normally just require sweeping and washing from time to time to keep them looking fantastic. They likewise may need weeding from occasionally. Just make sure you follow the producer’s standards when it comes to cleaning – it’s quite easy to harm or stain natural stone if you use the incorrect product.

Easy to repair

Another aspect to natural stone patios is that they’re simple to repair. Natural stone patios are generally laid in paving slabs. If any of these get harmed it’s fairly simple to remove them and change them with brand new ones. This is a lot more affordable than changing the whole patio and looks better than patching, which is a technique utilised to repair concrete and asphalt surfaces.

So there are great deals of reasons you should make your patio out of natural stone. Obviously, it’s not for everyone and natural stone does have its downsides. It can be fragile if laid in thin slabs, so may not be suitable if you’re intending on putting and moving heavy things on your patio. And natural stone paving can be costly – it can set you back around £30 per square metre.

If you decide that natural stone isn’t for you, do not fret. There are great deals of other patio products to pick from.

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