Gravel Driveways: The Pros and Cons

Gravel is a popular driveway product. It can be made up of lots of different types, sizes and colours of stone.

Gravel fits a variety of residential or property designs, and is an especially popular option for rural driveways. Lots of people pick a gravel driveway since it’s attractive and low-cost.

Nevertheless is gravel the ideal driveway material for you? We have developed a list of advantages and disadvantages to help you to choose.



Gravel driveways can last for a long time. If they are set up effectively and appropriately preserved, you can make them last for as long as you require.

Easy to fix

Gravel driveways are simple to repair. If the surface ends up being irregular, you can use a shovel and a rake to level it out. If a hole establishes you can simply buy some more gravel and fill it in yourself.


Gravel driveways are affordable. They normally cost a lot less than other driveway products, like concrete and paving. They are similarly fairly economical to repair.

Quick installation time

Gravel driveways do not take long to install. If you have a little driveway, a professional can lay it in a day. You likewise do not have to leave it to set or settle; you can use it straight away.

Easy to personalise

Gravel driveways are very simple to customise. Gravel can be found in great deals of various shapes, sizes and colours. This suggests that you can easily produce a driveway that is appealing and special. A lot of homeowners choose to style their driveways with their home.


High upkeep

Gravel driveways are high upkeep. They can establish ruts and pits easily, which looks bad and can be hazardous. These need filling out rapidly to ensure they do not end up being a problem.

Weeds can similarly grow on your gravel driveway. These can look scruffy, and require hoeing or pulling out by hand.

Unsuitable for sloped driveways

Gravel is not suitable for sloped driveways. It will collect at the bottom of your driveway and may spread out into the roadway. This would be a safety and look scruffy. It would also be challenging to walk and drive on.

So gravel has a series of advantages and disadvantages. If you think gravel is the very best option for you, complete our online form below. We’ll put you in touch with roughly 4 local tradespeople, who’ll have the capability to give you a quote for a gravel driveway.

If you’re still not sure, have a look at our details on other driveway materials, like asphalt, concrete and paving.

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