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Pattern Imprinted Paving and Driveways

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What are pattern imprinted driveways?

Pattern imprinted driveways are created using concrete and a patterned mat. The concrete is tipped onto the driveway area and a colour is usually applied to it. The mat is then pressed onto the unset concrete to make a chosen pattern.

People often decide to install a pattern imprinted driveway due to the fact that it gives them a wide choice of colour and design. It’s possible to choose colours and patterns that are attractive and match the property the driveway leads up to. Pattern imprinted concrete can also be made to resemble other materials, like brick or stone. This can often be a less expensive and more durable alternative to getting a genuine brick or stone paved driveway.

Pattern imprinted driveways tend to be relatively easy to install and can last a considerable amount of time. If you want to prolong your driveways life even further, you can coat it with a sealer. You should also sweep and wash your pattern imprinted driveway to keep it in good condition.

Although they can last a considerable amount of time, concrete imprinted driveways can crack. This tends to happen in extreme temperatures or when they’re put under significant pressure. Cracks can be hard to repair; you can just fill them up but this creates unattractive patches.

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