Paved Patios: the Pros and Cons

There are several ways to build a patio. A great way to do it is use paving. A paved patio can be a great addition to your garden as it is long-lasting and low maintenance.

Nevertheless, paving is not for everyone and does have some disadvantages. To help you determine whether a paved patio would suit you, we’ve developed a list of its pros and cons.


Easy to customise

People often use paving because it is available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours. Paving offers property owners the opportunity to create an eye-catching and unique patio. Paving comes in lots of different materials, including clay brick and concrete. You can make a patio with just one type of material or use more than one to make an attractive pattern.


An additional benefit to patios is that they are long-lasting. It’s vital to ensure that your patio is installed properly and looked after. If it is, your patio is likely to last at least 20 years.

Low maintenance

Paving is a good patio material because it is low maintenance. Giving it a sweep and a wash should be the only regular jobs you’ll need to do. You should also check for weeds growing between your pavers and pull them up if you find any.

Easy to repair

Repairing paved patios is a relatively easy job. The main reason for this is that they are made out of lots of small parts. If you need to repair it, rather than removing and replacing the whole thing, all you need to do is change the affected pavers. You can leave the rest of your patio as it is. Only needing to replace part of your patio will save you time and money and keep your patio in top condition.



A disadvantage to patio paving is that some types can be fragile. They can crack or split under extreme pressure. So if you’re planning to move heavy things around your new patio, like BBQs or furniture, be sure to use pavers that are strong enough to withstand this.


Unfortunately, patio paving can be expensive. It’s more expensive than some other patio materials, like gravel. So if you’re on a strict budget, paving may not be the most suitable patio material for you.

So choosing to use paving for your patio can be a great decision. But if you’re not convinced, try investigating other patio materials, like gravel, concrete and natural stone.

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