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91785798When it comes to the driveway you’ll want a surface that looks great and will last well for years. Of course, everyone is different and to cater for this there are a number of materials you can choose for your driveway.

Do you opt for aesthetic appeal, a long-lasting durable surface, or even a driveway that can be easily maintained? Find out more on the most popular driveway materials in the UK and decide what would be best suited to your home.


This surface is fast becoming the most popular material in the UK for a number of reasons including the low cost of installation. Gravel driveways can look fantastic too, but you’ll need to ensure continued maintenance, such as raking and brushing loose stones back into place. Other advantages include a quick installation and a range of colours to choose from.


The durability and versatility of concrete are two of the reasons it is such a popular driveway material. On top of this, there isn’t much maintenance required to keep it looking great, whilst it acts as a cost effective solution too. You can also decide to have a plain look or opt for a driveway with a little more flair as there are plenty of colours and designs to choose from.


If it’s the aesthetic look you’re after and the opportunity to improve your property’s kerb appeal, then consider pavers. With a variety of options you can choose a surface that stands your home out from the crowd as well. Although there is a heightened expense associated with pavers they’ll last well over 30 years without much maintenance required.


If you’re on a budget then tarmac could well be your answer, offering a cheaper alternative to getting a new driveway. Despite its cheaper cost it doesn’t slack on the important durability and resistance qualities either. Tarmac can be laid straight over an existing driveway too, so installation can be quick and relatively straight forward.


You may associate brick with constructions such as homes and extensions, but it’s actually a very viable driveway material too for all the same reasons. Brick offers a more elegant choice for the driveway material, but as such can also be one of your expensive options. The good news is, once installed a brick driveway can last a lifetime and maintenance required is extremely low. There are also a range of colours and patterns available so you can create a unique appeal.