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Garden Wall Installation

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When would I need a garden wall?

You might want a garden wall purely for decorative reasons at the front or back of your house. But there are other reasons why you might want a garden wall, such as to hold earth back so you can create a terraced area or to divide a garden into different areas. Garden walls are often built from materials such as brick, natural stone or semi-dry stone. You’ll need to consider your budget before deciding which material to use, as brick is the cheapest whereas natural stone is the most expensive.

Your bricklayer will help you decide which pattern you would like your garden wall to have and help you to keep it within the same style of the rest of your home. If you want your wall to be over 2 metres high, you’ll need to apply for planning permission. You might also need permission if your house is a listed building or the wall will form a boundary with a neighbouring listed building.

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