10 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Building a Patio or Driveway

Having a perfectly laid and lovely outdoor patio or driveway is the perfect complement to your home. An outdoor patio can establish a stunning and practical outside area, while a driveway can really increase the curb appeal of your house.

However, when you’re getting a patio or driveway set up, there are a variety of common errors that are simple to make. Here’s our list of the 10 mistakes you need to avoid when you’re developing a patio area or driveway.

1. Not creating a theme

When you’re building a patio area, it’s important to think about the total effect. Don’t mix and match your furnishings too much, as this can confuse the impact of a properly designed patio.

2. Laying paving on wet ground

You must lay paving onto dry ground. This will offer the paving stones a safe and secure base upon which to sit and prevent them from coming loose or breaking.

3. Utilising inexpensive products or furniture

Everyone wants to save money, and if you see an excellent deal on patio or owning products, go for it! Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping in mind that budget choices can often be a false economy. Do not buy inexpensive paving slabs or patio furniture only to change them if they break too rapidly.

4. Not considering drainage

It’s necessary to consider the drainage needs of a patio or driveway. If there’s too much standing water on a surface area, it can damage it with time. Make certain there’s appropriate water runoff.

For driveways, adequate drainage is a requirement of the planning permission guidelines. If you’re laying a new driveway, you may have to show that there is appropriate drainage.

5. Don’t add too many furnishings

It’s important to avoid overcrowding your patio space. Measure carefully to make sure any furnishings that you buy will fit into the area, and keep in mind that less is often much better. You’ll desire a patio area to be a comfortable space without feeling too crowded.

6. Having too huge of a gap in between slabs

It’s important to make sure the spaces in between the outdoor patio bricks or tiles aren’t too big. If any of the tiles come loose, it can ruin the appearance and quality of the entire patio area.

7. Not creating a sense of flow

When you’re designing your outdoor patio or driveway, think carefully about the pathways that you desire to develop. Likewise, utilise constant colours and products between the inside and outside spaces to establish a sense of consistency and circulation in between the two.

8. Picking the wrong plants

Mindful planning is particularly crucial when it pertains to choosing plants for your patio area or driveway, especially for those in borders. As plants grow and change they can really affect the appearance of an outdoor patio, so it is very important to be thinking into the future!

9. Not carefully sizing the outdoor patio or driveway

You’ll wish to make certain that your outdoor patio or driveway is appropriately sized to fit the space that it’s in. If it’s too huge, you may wind up without any area for plants or borders, and this can dramatically impact the appearance of a home.

10. Filling in incorrectly

You’ll need to fill in between the slabs, tiles, or bricks. It is very important to use the best kind of product to fill in between, and to utilise the right quantity, too. If you’re uncertain, speak with a driveway or patio area pro to learn properly to complete your patio.

All of these mistakes need to be prevented when you’re developing your patio or driveway. If you’d rather leave it to a pro, simply fill in your details on our form and we’ll link you with up to 4 trusted outdoor patio or driveway experts.

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