How to Light Your Driveway this Winter

It’s a great idea to light your driveway. Fitting lights on the edges of your driveway can help you navigate it in the dark and avoid driving into steps or over flowerbeds.

Winter is the obvious time to light your driveway, as it’s when we get the most darkness. But if you take the time to get some quality lighting then you’ll probably find that it’s beneficial the whole year round.

Powering your driveway lighting: wired or wireless?

If you’re thinking about driveway lights, you need to decide if you want wired or wireless ones.

Wired lighting is often more powerful than wireless lighting. It’s also less work to maintain as you don’t have to think about changing batteries. But wired lighting can be quite tricky to install – you’ll probably need help from a registered electrician.

Wireless driveway lighting is usually either solar- or battery-powered. It’s often weaker than mains-powered lighting but is easier to install wherever you want. Some solar lights will only stay on for a limited time so are not the best choice if you’re going to be very dependent on them. But if you’re eager to use renewable energy or to keep your electricity bills low, solar lights could be for you.

Driveway lighting styles

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to power your lights, you can look at your style options.

Ground lights

Ground lights are very popular as they’re subtle and don’t take up much space. Recessed or tough ground lights are ideal if you want something that you can drive over. They’re fairly easy to install but lots of types need wiring in.


Using spotlights is an excellent way to light your driveway if you want to highlight specific features. You can point them to shine on trees, your home or certain parts of your driveway, as well as using them to define boundaries.

Post lights

Post lights are a great choice if you want ornamental driveway lighting. There are many types available, so whether you want minimal, sleek posts or period lanterns, you should be able to find the right style for you.

Once you’ve picked your product, lighting your driveway should be pretty easy. Try out both symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns as both can look great.

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